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Žiobiškis is the village in the region of Rokiškis, 12 km. to the North West of Rokšikis. In the South of Žiobiškis, near the Vengerinė and Skardupis rivers lies a big lowland, which is famous of its legends and is called Smardonė. It is a swamp which was dried and turned into meadow. It is believed that it has been formed in ice age. The name of Žiobiškis sprung from the name of local landlord Mikalojus Žaba. Until 1611 Žiobiškis village and the manor of Vengerinė belonged to him.

In 1803 the first church of Žiobiškis was build and the parish of Žiobiškis was established. In the same year Žiobiškis was named in a title of town. In 1859 a post office (which was closed in 2007), pub and shop were built, in 1883 – a market place. In 1911 the gothic style church of St. Archangel Mykolas was built. Between 1911 and 2009 Žiobiškis had a school, which was closed afterward. In a former school a touristic youth centre base was established.

Since 1995 Žiobiškis had a library and into 2005 internet resources was accessible to public.

In 1956 the culture centre was opened. Between 1948 and 2014 there was a medical centre.

In 2005 the community of Žiobiškis was established.

There are 350 people in Žiobiškis, which includes the villages of Ažusieniai, Buteikiai, Degsniai, Gužai, Kervelkiai, Liepavai, Mitragalis, Močiekai, Raišiai, Steponiai, Šedžiai, Vaidlėnai, Vengerinė, Vikoniai, Vilkai.

From a History of Žiobiškis
The nature of Žiobiškis was Always attracting people with it‘s lakes and rivers, valleys and forests. In the end of independent Lithuania time, there were a lot of people coming from Rokiškis and Pandėlis to spend their summer in Žiobiškis, near beautiful place where water of Vengerinės stream is running. Žiobiškis town was a local resort. Most of holidaymakers were Jews. In the season time business in Rokiškis used to raise higher. (Žiobiškis/ [Editing committee: Venantas Mačiekus…] – Vilnius: Versmė, 200. -1024p.)

Jews families also were coming to Žiobiškis town for summer. People of Žiobiškis used to wait for jews, because they used to rent people houses and rooms, used to buy village products, like eggs, milk, butter, sour cream and vegetables. People of Žiobiškis didn’t need to go to the Rokiškis city market. They preferred to live near pinewood. You could have met them living near Bernardas Skukausas, Matas Gagiškis. People used to love walking in the woods, they used to build bowers where they would sit until the evening on the hot day chatting and interacting with each other. People of Žiobiškis loved to meet in the summer and celebrate all kinds of celebrations together. (Memories of Petras Šedys, who born in 1922 and lived in Buteikiai village. It was written by Irena Bielova in 2015, January.)

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Žiobiškis - bažnytkaimis Rokiškio rajone, 12 km į šiaurės vakarus nuo Rokiškio.

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